Foods to Avoid after Teeth Whitening

Some foods help maintain good oral hygiene and are said to whiten teeth while others should be avoided after a visit to the dentistís office.

Foods and Drinks to Avoid

Teeth whitening is a popular procedure that helps restore the healthy look of your teeth. Some foods contain staining agents, however, and should be avoided after the session. Dark beverages and drinks are not recommended. Examples include orange, cranberry, tomato, and grape juice and coffee. If you must have coffee, try to sip through a straw to minimize the risk of staining. Cold foods and drinks should be avoided as well because some patients experience tooth sensitivity. This is often the case when you have leaking fillings, open cavities, micro and small cracks, and cracked teeth. Your teeth may be sensitive to cold foods and beverages up to 36 hours after the procedure. For this reason, it is best to avoid foods and drinks such as iced tea, frozen desserts and yogurt, ice cream, and ice water. If your teeth are too sensitive, it is best to consume foods that are warm or at room temperature. Acidic foods should be avoided as well. Acidic foods and beverages may cause pain and discomfort post treatment. Soft drinks, pickles, vinegar, and fruits such as pineapples, lime, lemons, grapefruit, and oranges have low pH and increase acidity. Acidic foods can cause damage to your teeth and are best to be avoided. Patients with gum recession are especially sensitive and should limit the consumption of acidic foods.

The whitening results will last longer if you limit the consumption of foods with staining agents. Tobacco and cigarettes are also staining agents. The results also depend on whether your teeth have porous enamel.

Drinks and Foods You Can Have

While you should stay away from some foods that contain staining agents, others are good for your teeth after treatment. You can have foods such as potatoes, white pasta and rice, and chicken. If you are on a low carb diet, you may think that your options are more limited. This is not necessarily true. Just avoid white pasta, rice, and potatoes and consume cheese, white fish, turkey, chicken, cheese, and vegetables that are low in starch and contain no staining agents. Such foods include beets, tomatoes, green beans, and carrots. You can have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks as well. Alcoholic drinks that are acceptable include white wine, gin, and vodka. You can have skimmed milk, lemonade, tonic water, and sparkling and still water as well. Avoid fuzzy drinks, coke, coffee, and tea as well as alcoholic drinks such as beer and red wine.

Tips and Advice

Avoid colored mouthwash for at least 48 hours and use white toothpaste if you have an afternoon or morning treatment session. Skip brushing if your appointment is in the late afternoon. You can brush your teeth in the morning. The pores on your teeth are open after the treatment procedure. Thus your teeth are more vulnerable to discoloration and staining. Stick to a white diet for 24 to 48 hours after the whitening session. You can keep bread and baked, boiled, and mashed potatoes unless you are on a diet. Make sure you take the skin off.


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