Cosmetic Dentists

Although many regular dentists perform almost all forms of cosmetic dentistry if asked for, some dentists base their entire service solely around the cosmetic approach. These are called cosmetic dentists. The difference between cosmetic dentists and regular dentists is often described as science versus art. Whereas regular dentists work on the science of keeping regular teeth healthy, cosmetic dentists artistically improve the whiteness, shape and general look of teeth, without necessarily improving their health, and arguably in some cases making them worse off in the long run. Like cosmetic and plastic surgeons, cosmetic dentists work with what the patient asks for. “I want my teeth whiter...smaller...less crooked,” whereas regular dentists advice patients on the best way to care for their teeth, only performing surgery when it is most needed.

Cosmetic dentists offer all kinds of different treatments, including teeth whitening (surgical and topical), dental veneers, dental crowns, implants, false teeth, bridges, gum lifts, and much more depending on their advancement in the field.

Like other cosmetic surgery cosmetic dentists range in skill and quality, and therefore range a great deal in price. A dentists and their practice that has years of experience, been featured in magazines and has had celebrity clientele can charge thousands more than the regular dentists that offers cosmetic extras to their services.

When looking for a cosmetic dentist it is advised to do thorough research on their credentials, experience and past clients, because like all cosmetic surgery it can go wrong. You often hear horror stories about misshapen breasts or botched face lifts, well dental reshaping can also go wrong as well, and the mouth is highly visible area of the body. Seeking cheaper alternatives in foreign countries can go well, but be sure you’re not going to an unqualified “backstreet” surgeon.

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